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Pain and posture specialist

Free yourself from the constraints of pain. Get stronger, look better, feel better, be better. Learn the best methods of stretching, massage, training, eating, rehabilitation and more. 

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Knee Pain
Back Pain

Success Stories.

John W

I went to Dinesh with a right shoulder rotator cuff injury that had never been successfully treated or properly healed. It had been bothering me for a long time and I had got to the point of just accepting it was unfixable. In literally one full session he was able to work hard enough on very precise areas around my back and shoulder to free it up to the extent I could almost touch my bicep to my ear and could fully roll my arm over in a bowling action. This to me was just fantastic. I got more movement back in this one session than I had had for years. He also recommended some very helpful stretches and exercises to get overall strength and flexibility back. He really does know what he is doing. Highly recommended.

Tammy R
Artist & Teacher

The Lifestyle PT is a very attentive trainer. He listened carefully and asked the right questions to better understand the lower back issues I have been having. He then came up with a suitable program that helped address these issues, while also targeting other areas of concern. Lifestyle PT is very knowledgeable about how the body works and how to gain the best results. He makes working out fun and achievable. Highly recommend his services!

Why I Can Help

Finding out that I had a double curve scoliosis and working 90-hour weeks was not easy. Where’s the time to work on yourself when you’re busy working for others? I looked great on the surface but felt so much pain in my ankles, knees, hips, back, neck, shoulders, wrist. You name the pain and I had it. This is how I became The Lifestyle PT.

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All of what works, with none of the frills

✔ 1 x 30 min strength session

✔ Technique focused to fix and prevent pain and injuries

✔ Feel good, hands on stretching

✔ Neck, shoulder and traps massage

✔ UNLIMITED advice and help with nutrition

✔ UNLIMITED workout plans

✔ Calisthenics progression sheet – step by step from beginner to advanced!

✔ All e-books are complimentary and available on request!


Customisable, high end support for the truly dedicated

Everything from Essential, plus:

✔ + 12 mins more! --> advanced training + education

✔ Lifestyle assessment – best shoes to wear, best mattress for your sleeping position, sleep patterns, stress and how to deal with it, work, life events

✔ Lifestyle hacks - actively decrease pain and improve posture WHILE at work!

✔ Loaded stretching, PNF stretching and trigger-point massage techniques for better results and faster recovery

✔ Lifestyle goals – find your current barriers, implement realistic solutions and hold you accountable to them

✔ Have your own personal cheerleader and motivator along the way!


While you'll enjoy the comforts of my studio, I'm willing to come to you.
These premium rates are available on request.

A guide to wellbeing, food and fitness

This book provides the most frequently asked questions for people that are starting their health and fitness journey. In this book you will get simple and effective answers that have worked for me and for the clients I have trained. No fluff, no extended introductions – just answers straight to the point.

Every question you've ever asked, now answered.
Warm up, work out, stretch and foam roll
Eat food, lose fat, build muscle
Anti-aging, stress and wellbeing
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Eat Good, Feel Good, Look Good

This book provides general nutritional advice for the average person with the intention of integrating small dietary changes into a healthy lifestyle that will be sustainable - i.e. changes you can make that you'll be happy with for the rest of your life.

General advice
How to structure your plate
Example meals
The science behind healthy eating
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Want to learn how to:

Move without pain?
Say goodbye to diets and salads?
Spend less $$$$ on professionals that ONLY offer you short term fixes?
Live a life that is both achievable AND enjoyable?