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The Lifestyle PT – Calisthenics Training in Auckland

As an experienced calisthenics personal trainer, I specialise in transforming bodies and lives through my expertly guided calisthenics training. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your skills, I’m your experienced calisthenics personal trainer ready to coach you through beginner calisthenics, such as a pull-up, push-up and squat; through to more complex calisthenics moves such as front levers, back levers, pistol squats and more. We've got you covered if you’ve been looking for calisthenics in Auckland. At The Lifestyle PT, you’ll access calisthenics coaching that’s supportive, motivating and focused on achieving actual results.

Whatever your goal is - erase the pain, build strength and confidence, improve flexibility, you’ll have a calisthenics expert to support you at every step.

My sessions are customised for every client and focused on the issues with no lengthy stretching, warm-ups or cool-down exercises and no long cardio sessions.

Master Your Body with a Calisthenics Trainer

If you have pain and posture needs, I can tailor a personalised calisthenics training programme to your individual needs and goals. With vast experience in calisthenics coaching, I have the knowledge to create customised programmes that cater to your needs.

Is bodyweight training better than using weights?

For years I trained strictly using only my bodyweight, learning about gymnasts and how they manage to use their bodyweight to gain immense amounts of strength, flexibility, mobility and leanness. I often admired any sport that required immense flexibility, coordination, power, strength, and especially the kind that had transferrable qualities. For example, ballet, rock climbers, gymnasts and football players –all possess a fantastic mix of strength, agility, mobility and flexibility –whereas bodybuilding which mostly uses weights, tends to focus on looks over functionality. But you can’t knock it till you try it!

Do you need weights to get strong?

As a kid, running around on the playground and climbing on the monkey bars meant I could already hold my weight on a pullup bar. Being bullied early on and living in house with a very small heater meant you had to use what you had access to, to get stronger and to get warmer. All I had access to was a pullup bar and the floor. Learning how to get my first push up, pullup, squat and doing multiple planks were the first physical checkpoints in my life. From there I worked out how to achieve my first proper one hand pushup, one leg squat, muscleup, one leg squat and eventually a one hand pullup too! I even taught a personal trainer in Auckland University how to do a muscleup who then went on to teach multiple clients.

But all my friends were doing weights. Was I missing out?

Okay… have you ever used weights in your workout?

I remember the first time I tried using weights to workout and it was hard. A different kind of hard. I struggled. But I remember being able to transfer my strength at a bodyweight of 55kgs into a 75kg bench press and a 120kg dead lift while my friends struggled to do a pushup let alone with one hand, and could definitely not squat down with a single leg. How come I could transfer my skills but they couldn’t?

As a teenager, I didn’t understand why and chose to think that bodyweight training or calisthenics as it grew to be, was the best way to train. But as mass media eroded my thinking, I thought it might be best to challenge my current state of mind. So, I tried weight training for 2 years. I started off adding weights to my pushups, pullups, dips and one leg squats, and eventually dropped most bodyweight training for deadlifts and bench press and pullups. What I found over time was less functionality, until I came across the key principle.

It’s not what you use, but how you use it.

In my journey as a professional trainer, I learnt how to use weights to fix imbalances in muscles, both from a body building approach and from a calisthenics or bodyweight approach. Now my training is about 70% calisthenics and 30% weight training. Whether your approach is calisthenics (bodyweight only) or weight training, I can build something for you that suits your lifestyle.

Your Path to Calisthenics Expertise Begins Here

Embark on your journey to calisthenics in Auckland with the best at The Lifestyle PT. I’m proud to offer you my dedicated calisthenics personal trainer services, and I’m here to guide you. Join a community that is passionate about calisthenics training in Auckland. Say goodbye to constant pain and welcome a lifestyle that's more comfortable and pain-free. Reach out today!

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