Less pain and improved posture

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What if I told you how EASY it is to fix your own body?

In our early 20’s we look great, feel great, barely need to sleep, and can spring into a workout or enjoy our favourite sport out on the field. At this point, the thought of a body alignment specialist such as a chiropractor or a posture specialist doesn’t seem important. We’ve all been there. You chase success. Long hours at work – sitting or standing for hours on end in your 9-5. Trading your health for money. And as time unwinds, you start to pull muscles, feel aches and pains, book in multiple physiotherapy sessions throughout your lifetime.

You haven’t done any heavy lifting or weird activity? So why is your body hurting?

We slowly stop carrying out our favourite activities – running, enjoying a sunny walk, hiking, or playing social sport. And if you have kids, your aging is made more apparent by their endless energy.

So, you searched for a solution. What separates a temporary fix from a permanent one?

You gain interest in your health. Maybe you’ve visited a trusted doctor, physiotherapist, chiropractor, back specialist, and a neck and shoulder specialist like I did. Maybe they’ve given you a good massage, a cortisone injection, some pills and some tape.

They help but not enough. How do you know this deep down? You have to keep going back for a quick fix. 12 sessions in and you feel unbelievably good! But a 3-month break, and the pain is back. What have you truly learned?

I’ve been able to tweak the way I exercise. I’ve experienced plantar fasciitis, shin splints, lower back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, knee pain, sciatica and more. I almost gave up on my body at one point. I went to5 different professionals who helped me but did not provide a long-term solution. I now live a life that is almost pain-free. I spend 30 minutes, 3times a week in the gym and more time dancing, playing football, hiking and spending time with the people that matter. And I want to share this with you as a posture specialist in Auckland.

I do no stretches before or after my workout. No long warm-ups, or cool downs and no long cardio sessions.

And this goes against everything I had previously been taught by the internet! My workouts now consist of posture correction, strength training and stretching all rolled into one. These exercises simultaneously strengthen your body, stretch what needs to be stretched, and improve your flexibility and mobility all in one.

Here’s a story that might sound familiar.

A friend who went to the doctor complaining of lower back pain only to find out that she had a small fracture and a herniated disc. Her doctor who she had trusted for years carried out the diagnosis and told her that the remedy was to stop dancing, to rest and to essentially stop all exercise. I disagreed with the thinking behind the “fix”. In my experience as a rehabilitation personal trainer, ONLY resting does not fix the problem. Rest is necessary but too much blankets the root cause of the pain, withers away the surrounding muscle, and limits the intervertebral fluid that is able to lubricate your spine. But then again, I’m just a personal rehab trainer. A professional trainer with no medical degrees at all. After rightfully doubting my advice, she sought out a specialist who told her to move more, and start strengthening the muscles around her spine. Had she followed the initial advice of her trusted doctor, she would have never been able to get back to dancing, walking, moving and working to make the kind of money to live the lifestyle that she wants to. Every holiday would have been pain-filled instead pain-free, which she now enjoys.

So how can I help you get less pain and improved posture?

Doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, specialists and massage therapists are all good at what they do. They are highly specialised, incredibly knowledgeable and are highly recommended to my clients as I use these medical professionals myself.

What makes me different is that I cater to the everyday person who hasn’t fallen down the stairs. The person who has just worked a 9-5 normal job, and had a slow degradation of their posture and an increase in pain seemingly out of nowhere.

These are the people that fall through the cracks. The fix is so simple, yet so hard to understand for highly specialised medical professionals. They each carry a piece of the puzzle - which is why you have to sometimes visit so many! But I’ve been able to step back, look at the whole puzzle and figure out how each body part connects to each other.

Having scoliosis means I fight a daily battle of pain and usually come out winning. I now help my clients through exercises, stretches and lifestyle changes.

Sometimes the greatest scoliosis relief I can get from a tight mid back and neck is something as simple as dancing for a few hours. The amount of movement loosens up my back and neck as a result – but this could never be prescribed as a remedy by a medical professional.

Not all fixes require a gym membership. My aim for the clients that train with me is to integrate movement into their daily life, rather than for their daily life to revolve around their exercises or movements.

If you are looking for posture correction in Auckland, I've got the solution.

And the solution is you! 80% of the changes you want, comes from YOURSELF and the rest comes from the professionals.

While medical professionals are a must have for diagnosis and more extreme cases, they often fail to be the long term “fix” solution of your damaged body. 10 minutes a day of corrective professional help at the chiropractor (which I go to myself) cannot make up for 8 hours of a poor sleeping position or 16 hours of staring down at your screen at work or at home. With my help, you can be your own personal trainer for back injuries. By getting educated on small changes to make, you can bring yourself some relief in minutes and then start on the long-term solutions.

You must take ownership. Fixing muscular pain is quite simple. The key to clearing out aches and pains is to reverse the movement that brought on the pain. The HOW is where I can help you. I’ve done hours and hours of research to fix myself. No more pain for the rest of your life. The long-term fix is easier than you think.

 The worst part about pain is it happens so slowly, so incrementally that one day you wake up and you now live nostalgically in the “good old days”.

Very few make the change.

Age is a limitation you put on your mind, and rest without movement is the catalyst to aging.

If you’re searching for a personal trainer for a back injury or a personal trainer for injury rehabilitation, I can help you with all that and more. My aim is not just to rehabilitate, but to make sure it never comes back.

Don’t let age change you. Change the way you age.

Want to learn how to:

Move without pain?
Say goodbye to diets and salads?
Spend less $$$$ on professionals that ONLY offer you short term fixes?
Live a life that is both achievable AND enjoyable?