Sports Therapy

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Sports Therapy Clinic in Auckland

Over time, people slowly stop carrying out their favourite activities – running, enjoying a sunny walk, hiking, or playing a sport socially, because of the aches and pains they experience. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or active daily, my sports therapy will support your journey back to optimal health and performance by personalising a sports treatment plan to help you overcome sports injuries and achieve your goals. Contact me today for my sports therapy services.

Advanced Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Do you need specialised care and attention to recover from a sports injury? My aim is not just to rehabilitate but to ensure the injury never returns. My sports injury rehabilitation programmes are tailored to meet your unique needs. I help my clients through sports therapy, including specialised exercises, stretches and specific lifestyle changes.

Personalised Care at My Sports Injury Therapy Clinic

My sports injury therapy clinic offers tailored treatment plans for your individual needs and recovery goals. My workouts consist of posture correction, strength training and stretching, all rolled into one. These exercises simultaneously strengthen your body, stretch what needs to be stretched, and improve your flexibility and mobility all in one. Experience less pain and improved posture with my sports injury rehabilitation programme.

My clients lead a happier and more confident life as they recover from their injuries and their pain disappears.

Enjoy your favourite sport after visiting my Sports Therapy Clinic

Join me at The Lifestyle PT, where your goals and wellness are my top priority. Together, we’ll turn setbacks into comebacks and ensure you don’t feel the pain that you do. Contact me and let’s start your journey today.

Explore My Services

  • Calisthenics Personal Trainer: Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your skills, I’m your experienced calisthenics personal trainer. At The Lifestyle PT, you’ll access calisthenics coaching that’s supportive, motivating and focused on achieving actual results. Whatever your goal is - strength, movement, flexibility or mobility, you’ll have me to support you at every step of the way.
  • Injury Rehab Personal Trainer: As your injury rehab personal trainer, I am committed to understanding your specific needs and will aid in your recovery. Finding someone who truly understands your pain is essential - because they have been where you are and recognise the obstacles. Feel happier, more confident, and more athletic under my guidance.
  • Pain Relief Specialist: Ready to embark on a transformative journey with The Lifestyle PT? Your journey towards better posture, pain relief and overall wellbeing starts with a trusted pain relief specialist at The Lifestyle PT. Experience a personalised approach to pain management that prioritises your health and wellbeing. Let's discuss how we can assist in charting a healthier, pain-free life.

Want to learn how to:

Move without pain?
Say goodbye to diets and salads?
Spend less $$$$ on professionals that ONLY offer you short term fixes?
Live a life that is both achievable AND enjoyable?