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Ryan P
Football coach & Engineer

His ability to compile a workout suited to you in a short space of time provide for a short, sharp and intense workout. The workouts puff you out in a matter of minutes and he ensures you’re able to give everything you got in your tank. Furthermore, most people do not think about stretching/do not have time to stretch at the end of a workout. His services incorporate not only stretching but also massaging at the end of the workout. This is a must for muscle deterioration and injury prevention. His services are highly recommended as a personal trainer to anyone looking to achieve any goal they aspire to.

Muhammad H

Learnt more in one session with Dinesh than 5 years of watching YouTube videos. As a relatively tall skinny guy I struggle with proper posture and so I really appreciated the tailored advice that Dinesh gave me. He was quick to identify areas of improvement and gave me a progressive exercises that actually work and feel good! Expert advice from a guy that has been there and done that. will definitely be coming back for more sessions and hopefully hit that muscle up!

Emma G

Dinesh uses all his knowledge to focus in on YOUR goals! I appreciate the way he genuinely listens without judgement and is not afraid to get hands on when needed to help you. Had an awesome time and left feeling very accomplished thanks to him!

John W

I went to Dinesh with a right shoulder rotator cuff injury that had never been successfully treated or properly healed. It had been bothering me for a long time and I had got to the point of just accepting it was unfixable. In literally one full session he was able to work hard enough on very precise areas around my back and shoulder to free it up to the extent I could almost touch my bicep to my ear and could fully roll my arm over in a bowling action. This to me was just fantastic. I got more movement back in this one session than I had had for years. He also recommended some very helpful stretches and exercises to get overall strength and flexibility back. He really does know what he is doing. Highly recommended.

Tammy R
Artist & Teacher

The Lifestyle PT is a very attentive trainer. He listened carefully and asked the right questions to better understand the lower back issues I have been having. He then came up with a suitable program that helped address these issues, while also targeting other areas of concern. Lifestyle PT is very knowledgeable about how the body works and how to gain the best results. He makes working out fun and achievable. Highly recommend his services!

Arshana S

Highly recommend the Lifestyle PT, he provides not only a wealth of knowledge but is truly focused on helping you achieve your goals. In my first consultation he took the time to sit down with me to figure exactly what I wanted to achieve, provided great advice and was challenged me even in my first session. Having a few laughs along the way, he made it super enjoyable and a great workout.

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